Elaine Foley & Tia Foley - Co-Owners

Though Elaine Foley and Tia Foley share the same last name, they are not related. But sometimes, they say they feel like sisters in their partnership as owners of 1604 Salon.

“We worked together for nearly 20 years in other salons,” Elaine says, “and always talked and dreamed about owning our own place.”

Both started as assistants in Boston salons on Newbury Street.  Both are married with families, and spent years juggling responsibilities and careers while raising young children.  When their children were a little older, they felt the time was right, and opened their first salon in Quincy.

“Our priorities were good communications with customers, constant training of our staff, and a good atmosphere in the salon,” Tia says.

As a customer steps into 1604 Salon, it’s obvious that Elaine and Tia have succeeded in achieving their goals. The staff are personable and genuinely interested in customers, the stylists are friends as well as colleagues, and all are experts in their fields.

Stylists participate in regular training sessions in the salon, learning new haircutting techniques, and studying new products. 1604 also pays for stylists to attend educational sessions offsite in New York.  These stylists then return to teach what they’ve learned to their co-workers.

Elaine and Tia understand that visiting a new hair or skin care professional can make some clients anxious.  “We’re all experts in the latest techniques here,” she says, “but we never forget that our number one job is to communicate with  the customer, and help her to feel happy and beautiful when she leaves the salon.”

Tia adds, “I sometimes hesitate to call my clients customers.  “I’ve gotten to know about their families, their kids, their jobs.  I’ve seen many of them through long hair, short hair, blonde, brunette, red hair.  Through it all, we stay connected and we have fun.  They’re like good friends to me now.”

The 1604 Team

  • Helen Melo


  • Taylor Farrell


  • Danielle Powell


  • Julie Donahue


  • Effie McCormick


  • Priscilla Guerriero


  • Scott Cousineau


  • Nicole Sellitto


  • Michaela McGee


  • Linhah Mitchell

    Salon Coordinator